Spiritual Formation Reading Room (Neufeldt-Fast)

Note: this content was originally curated by Arnold Neufeldt-Fast and is no longer being maintained. Some links may not work. Content posted for archival purposes only.

This page is designed to help make writings on Spiritual Formation available to those without easy access to a theological library. Many of the links below connect you to scanned, published books and articles made available by Google Books (often 75% of content). Importantly, Google Books allows you to search within a volume and also across volumes (rather than across the entire WWW). The Google Book Project also makes hard to find and expensive monographs readily accessible to researchers. This Reading Room collects those relevant materials on one page.

NB: For bibliographic management and notetaking while reading, Zotero is highly recommended ("a free, easy-to-use Mozilla Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources"). For page snapshots and printing of Google Book pages, try Microsoft's snipping tool (paste text into Word -- or Zotero).

Tyndale students should also refer to the full-text ebooks in spiritual formation available via the library.)

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Handbooks of Christian Spirituality

Keeping a Spiritual Journal

Lectio Divina: The Art of Spiritual (Contemplative) Reading



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History of Christian Spirituality

Classic Texts in Christian Spirituality

"Contemporary Classics" in Christian Spirituality

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Spirituality and Social Justice

Spiritual Direction, Friendship and Mentoring

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